Just 14 Times TWICE’s Sana Looked Like The Girlfriend Everyone Wishes They Had

You’ll have the urge to confess to her after seeing these.

Whether she’s your bias or not, there’s no doubt that dating TWICE‘s Sana would be amazing. And even though you might not be on her radar, she has so many photos that scream “girlfriend material”, it’s easy to imagine her by your side.

1. You could go on picnics together

2. You could take her out for ice cream

3. You could hit up all the coolest vintage stores

4. And spend your weekends at the beach

5. You could watch the city stars together

6. And go to the most Instagrammable spots in town

7. She’d always take the best photos of you

8. Maybe you could even adopt a puppy together

9. You’d have the most fun goofing around

10. You could bake her flowers

11. She’d send you the best selfies when you miss her

12. You could travel the world together

13. And you’d never be scared to take risks while holding Sana’s hand

14. Whoever gets to eake up next to Sana is very lucky indeed!