Here Are 14 Times That VIXX’s Ravi Proved He Can Pull Off Any Hair Style

He’s had nearly every color you can think of!

VIXX‘s rapper Ravi is known for his very recognizable rapping voice, and also for the many colorful hairstyles he has pulled off over the years! While he’s had a lot of black styles during VIXX’s career, he’s also had it dyed in nearly every color of the rainbow as well. Here are 14 different looks that the talented rapper has had since the group’s debut.

1. When he debuted with this edgy dark brownish-red look in “Super Hero”

2. When he went full-on red for “Rock Ur Body”

3. The time he had the iconic startling orange looks for “On and On”

4. The shocking and sleek white-blond cut he had for “Hyde”

5. When his blond hair got curled for “G.R.8.U”

6. When he finally went neutral with black for “Only U” and “Voodoo Doll”

7. The gorgeous blue style he wowed us with for “Eternity”

8. When he had this unique dark red cut for “Error”

9. When he went back to cute fluffy blond for “Love Equation”

10. The return of black hair, but this time more wild, for “Chained Up” and “Dynamite”

11. The ethereal silver-blue look he had for “Fantasy”

12. Once more back to black, but this time much more choppy and edgy, for “The Closer”

13. When his dark hair took a purple turn for “Shangri-La”

14. And finally, his iconic pink/lavender split hair for “Scentist”