15 Boy Group Maknaes Who Survived The “Bowl Cut” Hairstyle

There are three certainties in life if you are an Asian male: Life, Death and a Bowl Cut

The “bowl haircut” is such a common hairstyle for Asian boys, that it is pretty much considered a rite of passage.

A “bowl cut” gets its name because the hairstyle looks like a bowl was placed on their head and all the hair around the edge of this bowl was cut off.

But for some reason, K-Pop stylists love giving this hairstyle to idols!

Some think that this is an easy way of trimming straight Asian hair.

Others believe that the bowl cut accentuates the cuteness and youth of the idols. This may be the correct answer, as almost every boy group maknae has sported a bowl cut at one point or another.

So while most guys never want to get a bowl cut again, these idols somehow pull this hairstyle off! And that’s not an easy thing to do.

1. Jungkook – BTS

Pretty much every member of BTS has gotten a bowl cut hairstyle. In fact, even leader RM specifically said this hairstyle embarrassed him, saying he looked like a “mushroom”.

2. Changmin – TVXQ

As we’ll see across the list, every single boy group maknae from SM Entertainment has gotten a “bowl cut”.


With thirteen members, SEVENTEEN‘s stylists probably wanted us to make sure we knew who was the maknae.

4. Kyuhyun – Super Junior

Super Junior has been in the game for a long time but even Kyuhyun couldn’t escape this hairstyle.

5. Hueningkai – TXT

Hueningkai just revealed that he has a bowl cut hairstyle, making him the newest member of this list.

But he’s pulling it off really well!

6. Seungyoon – WINNER

Just because Seungyoon is the leader, doesn’t mean he’s not getting a bowl cut.

7. Taemin – SHINee

Taemin was only 14 when he debuted, and SM Entertainment wanted to remind us of that.

8. Yugyeom – GOT7

Yugyeom‘s stylist didn’t just give him a bowl haircut, but a mullet as well! They must have been feeling experimental that day.

9. Sungjae – BTOB

BTOB‘s stylist knew exactly how to stylise Sungjae for his SAMSUNG promotion.

10. Sehun – EXO

SM Entertainment just loves giving the maknae a bowl cut

11. Chan – iKON

As does YG Entertainment

12. I.N – Stray Kids

And JYP Entertainment too.

13. Jisung – NCT Dream

Jisung knows how every Asian boy in elementary school felt during school photos.

14. Mark – NCT 127

SM Entertainment loves this hairstyle so much that they gave it to the other maknae of NCT.

And this was when he was leader and the oldest member in NCT Dream.

15. Ren – NU’EST

Rounding up the list, is this beautiful hairstyle from Ren.

While the hair stylist was certainly adventurous, Ren carried this off so well with his ethereal visuals!

With that said, these idols show that their visuals are so stunning that they can pull off any styling!