15 Of The Cutest Interactions Between BTS’s Suga And Jimin You’re Lucky To See Today

Moment #15 is a blessing, and we’re all lucky enough to witness it. 😍

ARMYs know that the relationship between BTS‘s Suga and Jimin is too cute for words!

After all, in one of their magazine interviews, Jimin has once answered that he considers Suga as his “grandmother”.


And Suga considers Jimin as a “Korean-style” mochi

…so this means that the two of them love showing affection to each other, since they find each other adorable.

So even though, sometimes, Suga playfully shows off his savage side and teases Jimin…

…you can see on these 15 delightful moments that they actually have feel-good vibes when they’re together.

Their huge smiles is a good indicator, don’t you think?

1. Perfectly synced for pouting

2. Piggy-back rides on stage, because, why not?

3. Access denied

4. Suga’s telling everyone to stop touching him…while he’s holding Jimin’s hand

5. Judging him, or wanting to copy him? Why not both?

6. The cameraman was attacked twice that day

7. Jimin’s reward to Suga for always massaging him?

8. Food, of course

9. Maybe that’s why he loves doing it frequently

10. It’s already become a cute habit of his

11. Protect these smiles

12. “Come on, Jimin, you’re attacking the wrong camera”

13. Suga thinks Jimin’s a mochi, but he’s the one whose cheeks are usually squished

14. Jimin’s character development: from being a shy junior…

15. …to actually meeting his hyung‘s eyes!

Suga doesn’t only show his cute side when he’s with Jimin — he shows it to other members, too, like J-Hope. Check out Suga’s adorable reaction when J-Hope answered something about their friendship: click on the next article below and find out!

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