15 Facts You Should Know Before Moving To Korea

Who knew there was so much to think about?

Korean American lifestyle vlogger Simply SSOL shared the fifteen things people should know before making the leap to move to Korea.


1. Transportation

You can get from A-to-B pretty easily but, just letting you know, rush hour is pretty crazy.

2. Housing

It’s very expensive to get an apartment.

3. Public Bathrooms

It’s not really clean so please carry your own tissue because a lot of time you’ll go in there and find that there’s no tissue.

4. Plastic Surgery

If you’re around Gangnam area, you’ll probably notice a lot of before-and-after pictures of woman who had plastic surgery…

5. Nightlife

Living in Seoul, you will know that people who live here don’t sleep at night. It doesn’t matter if it’s the weekend or a weekday, if you’re a deep sleeper, I don’t recommend you looking for a place near popular areas.

6. Public trashcans

There aren’t any public trashcans, so basically, you can’t really throw anything away.

7. Recycle

Korea recycles literally everything.

8. Greetings

I grew up in the states, so saying hi to a stranger or just someone who is walking by, and smiling, is quite normal, but here, I first did that and after I got a lot of weird stares…

9. Big Sized Clothes

Unless you go to H&M or Forever21, you’re not going to really find clothes that fit you.

10. Sharing Food

Asian culture, we share a lot of food and I don’t mean sharing food like, ‘Can you pass me the dish?’

11. Fruit

Fruit is very expensive.

12. Sauna

If you’re uncomfortable going into an area with naked strangers, I don’t recommend you going there.

13. Age

Korea kind of follows this own age metric system, where you add a year or two to your age.

14. Flip flops

In Korea, nobody really wears flip flops.

15. Drinking

If you’re not a big, heavy drinker. You should be prepared because everybody drinks.

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