15 Flirty Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope Winking At You And Definitely Making You Blush Like A Shy School Girl

Look him straight in the eyes as he winks at you — if you say you didn’t blush, you’re obviously lying.

BTS‘s J-Hope is a perfect example of what duality looks like in the K-Pop entertainment industry.

One moment, you can see him joking around with the maknae line, playfully hitting them or dancing girl group songs with them while they’re filmed on national television.

Other times, you can just see him turn serious and scary AF, especially when he’s monitoring the dance performance of the members or when he’s teaching choreography to them.

Perhaps it’s J-Hope’s inherent duality that makes ARMYs love him more, especially when he’s displaying his personal style of duality while interacting with the fans.

Sometimes, he’ll wink at the camera with a pure sunshine smile on his face…

…and then sometimes, he’ll just show off his sexy smirk and catch you off-guard with a naughty wink.

You can never really tell with J-Hope — you just need to be there to enjoy every winking moment with him.

Here are 15 moments when BTS’s resident dancing machine shamelessly winked at the camera. Bless your hearts!

1. Smirk and wink combination = double kill

2. You thought he’s just going to smile at you and leave you? Wrong

3. Sleepy J-Hope looking sexy while lazily winking at you

4. The person who took this fan-cam must have been blessed tremendously by the gods

5. Sweaty and breathless J-Hope still managing to wink at ARMYs

6. He knows exactly what he’s doing to the fans

7. How could he look so cute and so dangerous at the same time?

8. As if the wink isn’t enough, he ruffles his hair to upgrade the level of sexiness too

9. Winking while dancing to the song of their idols

10. Look at how proud he looks like while saying their group name

11. Here’s blond J-Hope brightening your day with a wink

12. Legend says the person who took this is now a happy ghost

13. Only J-Hope could smile at you while utterly destroying you

14. Rapping and dancing to the beat of their song, feat. Suga

15. He’s not even lying anymore