15+ Funniest K-Pop GIFs Capturing Your Favorite Male Idols’ WTF Moments

Constantly using #4.

K-Pop idols seem flawless most of the time — but hey, they are only human. That is to say, sometimes they’re really out there wildin’ and turning themselves into perfect memes for the interwebz. Here are 15+ funniest WTF? moments in which our favorite idols have found themselves — and so became A+ GIFs to use on a daily basis.

1. When Amazon Finally Ships The Merch Package

2. If It Isn’t Meant To Be, It Isn’t Meant To Be

3. When The Only Way To Deal With Life Is Bullsh*tting Through It

4. Haters Be Gone

5. When No One Cares But You Must Celebrate

6. Ordering Carbs After A Week Long Diet Be Like-

7. When The Hairdryer Isn’t Dyson Enough

8. ICannotBelieveThisIsHappeningRightNow.GIF

9. When You Finally Decide On A Bias

10. Let Me In, Let Me In, There Are Creeps A-Comin’

11. When You Can’t Deal With The Weight of Life Anymore

12. Welp, F*ck My Life (Throws Hands Up)

13. When Someone Compliments The Hot Summer Bod

14. Meeting Work-Related People

15. When Your Order Isn’t What You Thought You Ordered

16. The Hangover

17. When You Hate Your Boss But Need The Paycheck

18. Does It Look Like I Give A F*ck?