Just 10+ GIFs of Actor Ju Ji Hoon Being Sexy AF And Making Us Thirsty

🔥🔥🔥 (Sizzles)

Actor Ju Ji Hoon is a sexy beast. Yep, we said it, and it’s as true as it can be. He exudes all the right vibes — you know, tall and handsome, young and rich. He’s the whole sugar, spice, everything package. And to bask in the glory of his sexiness, we present to you: Just 15 GIFs of Ju Ji Hoon being Ju Ji Hoon. Grab a cup of water, because we’re about to get real thirsty.

1. Slick Sexy is his brand.

2. Smoking is bad, but this… this has to be good.

3. Okay, folks. And that is how you wink like a stud. (Thud)

4. Royal hanbok has never been sexier.

5. This kiss scene had us screamin’. Like screeeeeeamin‘.

6. Define the phrase “Dressed to impress”:

7. This wet, lost puppy look got us like-

8. Our ideal type?: Men in uniform, check.

9. Does anyone know if this fan made it home alive, or…?

10. Hey Siri, how do I become a steering wheel?

11. Our preferred version of the whole knight in shining armor…

12. He’s so, f*cking, precious, when he, smiles 🎵

13. Fine. If you must. Shoot us. Shoot us now.

14. His iconic smirk is an ultimate thirst trap.

15. Sexy + Nerdy = Death by Absolute Thirst