15 Gifs Of BTS’s J-Hope That Show Just How Irresistibly Cute He Is

Try not to smile!

J-Hope is BTS‘s resident fun and bubbly member. ARMYs are drawn to his cheerful personality that isn’t afraid to do extreme aegyo. Naturally, such a person has proven time and time again that he can be absolutely adorable!

Read on to see 15 times J-Hope was so cute we just couldn’t handle it!

1. When he gave us multiple hearts

2. When he had the best bunny ears

3. When he played with food

4. When he was the bunny

5. When he ate deliciously

6. When he puckered his lips

7. When he did the best extreme aegyo

8. When he was like a kid

9. When he did the peace sign

10. When he didn’t just send us a heart but also stuck his tongue out

11. When his gaze bore deep into our souls

12. When he had the loveliest smile

13. When he swayed from side to side

14. When he had the most unique expression

15. When he was the happiest person on earth


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