Just 15 Gifs That Show ARMYs Are BTS Jimin’s Biggest Happiness

Love and gratitude is all he has for his fans.

BTS fans are aware of just how hard-working and passionate Jimin is for their music and performances. ARMYs have been through thick and thin with him and know his past struggles and hardships that he has faced since the beginning. But regardless of all the obstacles he has faced, he cannot hide the fact that being on stage and performing for ARMYs is when he is the happiest.

1. Even though he is tired and in pain, he never misses a chance to thank ARMYs for their continuous love and support.

2. He always has a sweet look on his face when he looks into the crowds.

3. He waves hello the fans and makes sure everyone is having a good time.

4. He knows exactly how to make fans happy!

5. Sometimes he’s also seen holding back tears as his emotions get in the way.

6. His bright smile radiates through the stadiums and brings joy to everyone there.

7. He even does cute gestures without even meaning to!

8. You can just see how happy he is to be on stage with the fans.

9. He loves a good firework performance while on stage.

10. His gaze is enough to melt ARMYs’ hearts in an instant.

11. You can just see the love and happiness in his eyes as he gazes over all the fans in the crowd.

12. He always shows polite manners to the fans even through the camera.

13. He takes any chance he gets to confess his love to ARMYs.

14. Gratitude and love is all he has for his fans.

15. Here he is sending a love arrow to ARMYs’ hearts.

And we can’t forget just how sweet he is at concerts, always making sure to acknowledge and say hello to fans sitting in hard-to-see areas at concerts!

Fans hope that the day will come soon where he can perform again on stage for the fans. There is nothing but genuine passion and love from our baby mochi Jimin!