15 Hairstyles That Prove IZ*ONE’s Wonyoung Has The Visuals To Pull Off Anything

She especially pulls off #5 ridiculously well!

IZ*ONE‘s Wonyoung is known as the pretty (tall) maknae of the group, and since her debut, has made waves with how cute and talented she is! With her visuals, she’s successfully pulled off many different hairstyles, and is always surprising fans with how good she looks in them! Here are all the hairstyles that Wonyoung has rocked like an absolute visual queen since debut!

1. This look was a total shocker- everyone was shocked at how good Wonyoung looked with this wig!


2. Classic, wavy black hair never goes out of style!


3. But brown wavy hair is such a mood!


4. This braided hairstyle looks so cute on Wonyoung!


5. Her wavy, purple hair was so iconic!


6. But she was serving looks with straight, purple hair too!


7. This green hair was such a good look on her!


8. And she slayed with her green hair styled straight!


9. Wonyoung in pigtails is the cutest thing ever.


10. Even this half twin pigtails look is a win!


11. Wonyoung turns on her charismatic charms in sleek ponytails!


12. And low ponytails brings out a softer, more elegant charm of hers!


13. Half up and half down ponytails suit Wonyoung ridiculously well!


14. This straight styling with the pins on the side is so cute!


15. We knew Wonyoung was a queen, but she delivers such sophisticated visuals with tiaras and headbands!