15+ Hilarious ARMY Reactions To BTS Jimin’s “Face” Concept Photos

Two words: lip piercing

In February 2022, the official release date for BTS Jimin‘s first solo album, Face, was shared with fans who had long been waiting.

Following the release schedule, Jimin revealed the album’s first set of concept images. These photos, referred to as the Hardware version, show a somewhat more edgy image, including a photo where Jimin has lip and eyebrow piercings!

| @bighitmusic/Twitter


| @bighitmusic/Twitter
| @bighitmusic/Twitter

As you can imagine, ARMYs have been going wild for these images. Here are 10+ of the funniest reactions to the concept photos!

1. It’s pure chaos for ARMYs right now.

He knew what he was doing with these!

2. Very relatable reaction.

It’s essential to absorb all the details.

3. Now that you say it…

…how could he do this to us!

4. It’s going to be hard to move on.

There are even more photos coming soon, though!

5. As expected, there are strong feelings about the lip piercing.

We completely understand.

6. This is a very good thought.

Jimin, are you listening?

7. Bratz dolls have nothing on Jimin

They should use him for inspiration.

8. This is barely the beginning.

There so much more left before the album is out, ARMYs!

9. Do as he says…

..not as he does.

10. J-Hope loves these concept photos too!

11. Jimin always serves face.

This is the perfect title for his album!

12. No words need.


13. They should have given us a warning.


14. Screaming, Crying, Shaking

Be sure to drink water after this.

15. To be fair, this was probably Jungkook’s reaction as well.

16. He would be such a great model, though.


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