15+ Hilarious BTS “Bon Vovage” Moments That Seem Like Fake Subs (But Are Actually 100% Real)

Believe it or not, they really said these things.

BTS‘s Bon Voyage series was full of laughs, and some of the moments were so ridiculous it’s hard to believe they’re not fake subs!

1. Jimin is absolutely a pretty king

2. Even the BTS members are shippers sometimes

3. He’s way too much of a pacifist for that

4. That sounds dangerous

5. Not so sure that’s a balanced diet

6. Have you been drinking?

7. And that’s how Jurassic Park was invented

8. Maybe… pants?

9. Please don’t!

10. To be fair, it’s probably tasty

11. We’ve been asking ourselves the same question

12. You’re perfect just the way you are

13. Understandable

14. That’s one way to get lost on vacation

15. He’s a friend of the animal kingdom

16. No words