15+ Idols And The Hair Color Eras That Fans Believe Were Perfect For Them

They looked especially good with these hair colors!

Every idol goes through their own era of styling, where fans look at them and go, “that’s it!”. So here are 15+ idols and the eras that fans believe they owned, especially with their hair colors!

1. BTS’s Jimin- Orange hair

BTS‘s Jimin dyed his hair an iconic bright orange in 2015, and fans went wild over his visuals in it! Also, according to rumors, this color might be making a comeback!


2. NCT Dream’s Jaemin- Pink hair

NCT Dream‘s Jaemin dyed his hair pink in 2018, and the color became an instant fan-favorite! In fact, fans raved about it so much, that Jaemin decided to keep it pink for a while after that, and only recently dyed it a light blue!


3. Stray Kids’ Hyunjin- Blonde hair

For Stray Kids‘ comeback with “God’s Menu” Hyunjin showed up with newly dyed long blonde hair, and fans were extremely shook at the visual serve this whole era gave them!


4. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon- Blonde Hair

Girls’ Generation‘s Taeyeon dyed her hair a bright blonde for the first time in 2015, and immediately became a hot topic for her upgraded visuals in the color! She’s changed her color multiple times since then, but fans agree that blonde Taeyeon remains superior!


5. TXT’s Yeonjun- Blue hair

TXT‘s Yeonjun dyed his hair a bright blue in 2019, and fans began falling for him even more because of how good he looked sporting the bright hair color!


6. ITZY’s Yuna- Red hair

ITZY‘s Yuna made her debut with a fiery red hair color, and instantly gained attention for her outstanding visuals that stood out even more with the bright red!


7. BLACKPINK’s Rosé- Blonde hair

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé made her debut in 2016 with a strawberry blonde/rose blonde hair color, but overtime dyed it to a brighter blonde. Her blonde hair became an instant fan favorite, and fans continue to rave about Blondsé!


8. SHINee’s Taemin- Purple hair

SHINee‘s Taemin dyed his hair a cascading purple in 2015, and fans were immediately in love! Of course, since its Taemin, the incredible visuals were obviously expected, no matter the color!


9. Red Velvet’s Joy- Red hair

Red Velvet‘s Joy dyed her hair a bright red in 2017 for the group’s comeback with “Red Flavor”, and looked like a fiery-headed goddess with the color! While many fans think black-haired Joy is superior, they can’t help but agree that red-haired Joy was something else entirely!


10. VIXX’s Leo- Silver hair

For VIXX‘s 2018 promotions for “Scientist”, N dyed his hair an iconic shade of silver, and had fans raving about it for days! Till today, it remains one of the best colors fans have ever seen on him!


11. Red Velvet’s Wendy- Platinum blonde hair

Red Velvet‘s Wendy first went blonde for the group’s 2015 comeback with “Ice Cream Cake”, and remained blonde for quite a few comebacks after! She eventually got herself an iconic haircut and dyed her hair to a dark brown, but after the group’s 2019 comeback with “Umpah Umpah”, she went a light, platinum blonde that suited her ridiculously well!


12. EXO’s Baekhyun- Platinum blonde hair

Another SM Entertainment artist known for his legendary blonde hair is EXO‘s Baekhyun! He’s had his fair share of fun dye jobs, but most fans agree that the platinum blonde is just a superior look for him!


13. TWICE’s Sana- Orange hair

TWICE‘s Sana dyed her hair a bright orange for the group’s recent comeback with “More And More”, and fans were immediately taken by how visually pleasing the color was on her! While she’s tried on a ton of bright colors before, orange seems to be a difficult color that Sana totally owned!


14. Red Velvet’s Irene- Purple hair

Red Velvet‘s Irene dyed her hair a soft purple for the group’s 2016 comeback with “Russian Roulette”, and was a hot topic for her purple-haired visuals! Fans were so in love with the color on her, and hope it can make a comeback one day!


15. TWICE’s Jeongyeon- Blue hair

During TWICE‘s 2018 “What Is Love” promotions, Jeongyeon showed up to a fansign in a bright blue bob, and wowed fans and netizens everywhere! The look became an iconic one for her, and a lot of fans hope to see it again!


16. SHINee’s Key

SHINee made their 2015 comeback with “View”, and while all the members had wonderful styling and looks, Key had the eyes of fans for his messy, colorful hair that suited him incredibly well!


17. f(x)’s Krystal- Red hair

For f(x)‘s 2013 comeback with “Rum Pum Pum Pum”, Krystal showed up with bright red hair, and her visuals shocked everybody!


18. NCT U/NCT 127’s Taeyong- White hair

For NCT U‘s debut in 2016, Taeyong bleached his hair to a bright white, and his already ethereal visuals looked even more unreal! Many fans even compared him to the fictional character Jack Frost, who is famous for his white hair, which further proves that Taeyong is an ethereal beauty!


19. MAMAMOO’s Wheein- Blue hair

For MAMAMOO‘s 2019 coemback with “Hip”, Wheein dyed her hair a bright blue, and fans immediately fell for her upgraded, blue-haired visuals! While Wheein can slay anything, fans were especially taken aback because of how well the blue hair suited her gorgeous features!

Source: The Qoo