BTS’s Comeback Hair Colors Might Have Been Leaked, Here’s What Happened

Blonde Suga and Orange Jimin could be returning, according to the “evidence”.

With BTS‘s comeback in the works, ARMYs are on high alert for hints and spoilers…and they might have found one!

On July 14, BTS’s official Japanese fan club announced that the members will grace the cover of GQ Japan‘s October 2020 issue. The magazine, which will be available for purchase on August 25, will feature 14 pages of BTS content, including a pictorial and an exclusive interview.

When GQ Japan‘s managing editor posted the news on Instagram, fans immediately noticed something interesting about the emojis: new hair colors! Generally, BTS’s ordering begins with leader RM, then goes from oldest to youngest, making fans wonder if blonde Suga and orange-haired Jimin will be making a comeback this year!

Suga has gone blonde several times, but Jimin’s orange hair hasn’t been seen since BTS’s iconic The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) era in 2015.

Jimin has said that he misses his orange hair, and moreover, fans keep finding hints that HYYH will be coming back to 2020, including a new photo, and the Flower Smeraldo blog’s reawakening. It didn’t take long for “Blonde Yoongi” and “Orange Jimin” to become trending topics, and now the emojis have been removed from the original post — which just makes it more suspicious!

Will Orange Jimin and Blonde Suga be returning? We’ll just have to wait and see!

Source: BTS Japanese Fan Club