The BTS Smeraldo Blog Has Fans Screaming, “Here We Go Again!” 

After 2 years, the smeraldo flower is blooming again.

Get out your magnifying glasses and put on your thinking caps, fan theorists. The smeraldo flower is blooming in 2020!

If you started stanning BTS within the past two years, you probably missed the smeraldo flower craziness that went down in 2017. The now-famous Flower Smeraldo Blog appeared just before BTS released LOVE YOURSELF: Her, the first album in their LOVE YOURSELF series.

The blog, which has been inactive since 2018, expanded on the smeraldo flower’s origins, significance, and its role within the BTS Universe.

After two years of dormancy, Flower Smeraldo suddenly appeared on ARMY’s radar. On July 6, fans noticed that the blog has been reset, its content erased. Now, another change has been made, suggesting that a smeraldo rebirth is happening.

On July 10, the blog’s content reappeared and Flower Smeraldo’s Twitter account came back to life. The caption says, “[Flower Smerado] Blog Post Part 1 #Smeraldo #florist #Florist #PlayingCard #PlayingCard.” 

Now, fan theorists are on high alert. If the blog was simply making technical changes, why would it announce its return? Why use hashtags to draw attention to Flower Smeraldo’s fictional florist, the playing card motif, the flower, and more?

More importantly, what will happen if/when the smeraldo shop reopens in August?

Some fans believe that the fictional shop’s revival could be linked to BTS’s comeback and/or a return to the BTS Universe that began in 2015 with The Most Beautiful Moment in Life (HYYH) and continued through the LOVE YOURSELF era.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Source: Flower Smeraldo


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