15 Incredibly Relatable BTS Fanboys Who Stan Harder Than Anyone Else Because BTS Celebrates Diversity, Too

#13 fanboy has never been a fan of anyone before — until BTS came along.

The fandom of BTS is incredibly diverse, with ARMY moms and even ARMY grandmothers showing their love and support to this incredible K-Pop phenomenon.

After all, BTS mentioned several times that they love all ARMYs equally, right?

But did you know that there are BTS fanboys, too? Yes, they do exist!

And while ARMYs are usually stereotyped as female teenagers, these amazing fanboys aren’t afraid to express just how much they love and admire BTS members.

Today, check out these 15 extremely relatable tweets about BTS fanboys and feel the love and support of the ARMY fandom:

1. The dedication of this fanboy is amazing

2. Such a cute fanboy

3. Stop looking for a mood, because here it is

4. He’s every ARMY’s spirit animal

5. Where’s the lie, though?

6. Yes, they’re not just a myth

7. This mother-son bonding is peak happiness

8. BTS brings all gender identities to the yard

9. BTS’s charms is for everyone

10. They have a unique charisma that resonates with everyone who’s seen them

11. The tea has been spilled

12. V doesn’t discriminate: he’s sexy to everyone

13. Everyone who loves BTS is welcome to the ARMY fandom

14. This must be what UwU looks like in real life

15. Here’s Park Mochi, everyone

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