15 Male K-Pop Idols You May Not Have Known Are The Same Height

They’re all 178 cm!

Most male K-Pop idols range from 172 cm (5’7.7″ in) and higher in terms of average height, but some idols do not look like they’re as tall as each other. This could be due to a variety of factors such as body shape and clothing style.

For whatever reason, the following 15 idols are ones you may not have guessed are equally tall at 178 cm (5’10” in). Check them out below!

1. Super Junior’s Shindong

2. Super Junior’s Yesung

3. ATEEZ’s Seonghwa

4. NCT’s Doyoung

5. NCT’s Winwin

6. iKON’s Bobby

7. SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan

8. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

9. SHINee’s Key

10. BIGBANG’s Daesung

11. GOT7’s Bambam

12. NU’EST’s Ren

13. JYJ’s Junsu

14. VERIVERY’s Yongseung

15. INFINITE’s Sunggyu

These 15 idols may range from buff to slim in terms of physiques, but they’re all the same height. That’s one new thing to note!