15 Most Memorable Scenes From The Hit K-Drama “Crash Landing On You”

Warning: This article contains spoilers!

It has been a whole month already, since the final episode of Crash Landing On You made us shed happy tears for Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk and his forever, Yoon Se Ri. This mega hit series became the first cable channel K-Drama to reach over 21% viewer ratings — beating Guardian: The Lonely and Great God‘s record of 20% — rewriting tvN channel’s history of drama productions. The success didn’t surprise anyone though: Crash Landing On You had done everything right. From a solid storyline to an incredible cast, it was bound to charm the viewers from the get go. Here are 15 most memorable scenes from the series that kept K-Drama lovers glued to their seats for 16 episodes straight!

1. The Perfect Landing

When Yoon Se Ri (played by actress Son Ye Jin) fell from the sky, out of a tree, on to Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk (played by actor Hyun Bin), it was fate.

2. The Hair Tie

Captain Ri Jeong Hyuk tying Yoon Se Ri’s hair had us letting our hair down and waiting in line for our turn.

3. The Candle Sign

Thanks to that candle — not only did the lost Yoon Se Ri found her way back to Captain Ri, she also fell deeply in love with him.

4. The Guardian

After this scene, we had new goals: Find ourselves a man who will risk his life for us, throwing himself in front of a mega tank if it ever came to that.

5. The Sub Couple

Gu Seung Joon (played by actor Kim Jung Hyun) and Seo Dan (played by actress Seo Ji Hye) started off their relationship bickering like this… but little did they know, they were to become the most tragic couple in tvN history!

6. The Confession

When Captain Ri admitted in front of his father that he is in love with Yoon Se Ri and that his heart cannot afford to lose her, we all died a little inside.

7. The Cameo

We loved seeing actor Kim Soo Hyun grace the show for this hilariously surprising cameo!

8. The Fashion Show

Okay, yes. Yoon Se Ri is our queen for making Captain Ri try on all these fine lookin’ suits. Flex, woman. Flex!

9. The Birthday

When Yoon Se Ri thought Captain Ri and his comrades have left for good, she broke down in tears in this empty room… and it made us feel lonely to our bones too.

10. The Cameo, Part 2

Thanks to Yoon Se Ri’s connections, Captain Ri’s comrade Kim Ju Meok (played by actor Yoo Soo Bin) got to meet actress Choi Ji Woo from his favorite K-Drama Stairway to Heaven. This cute scene made us cackle because that is every drama-fan’s dream come true!

11. The Villain’s Downfall

When Cho Cheol Gang (played by actor Oh Man Seok) came to his downfall, we couldn’t be any more relieved that Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri are finally safe from his plots.

12. The Propose

Our hearts dropped when Gu Seung Joon proposed to Seo Dan, only to realize he has to leave her behind in North Korea…

13. The Ticket

… and then, our hearts completely shattered when he gave up his only way out of North Korea to go save Seo Dan — and potentially lose his life.

14. The Goodbye

Did you survive this final goodbye, between Yoon Se Ri and Captain Ri? Because we didn’t.

15. The Happily-Ever-After

We will never get over how picture-perfect Captain Ri and Yoon Se Ri looked in the final moments of the show, after they are united again in Switzerland and so very happy in love!