15 Moments BLACKPINK’s Jennie Said “F*** It!” And Showed Off Her And Cutest Smiles, Contrary To Her “Cool Girl” Image

Have you had the pleasure of seeing Jennie’s “mandu” cheeks yet? ❤️

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is known as the group’s rapper who has a “cool, calm and chic” image when she’s performing onstage…

…but official BLINKs know that Jennie has an extremely cute side to her whenever she shows off her gummy smile, too!

Here are 15 of her sweetest smiles yet — which one is your favorite?

1. Cutely closing her eyes and showing off her aegyo 

2. Have you seen this most adorable dinosaur ever?

3. Everyone who makes her laugh like this is blessed!

4. Sweet smile and cute pout combo

5. Your fries aren’t good if they haven’t made you smile widely like this

6. Jennie’s eyes twinkle every time she smiles

7. Eye smile that goes straight to your heart!

8. Food is life — and Jennie’s wide smile proves this.

9. Look at the face of an angel

10. Jennie’s signature flying kiss is completed with her sweet smile.

11. Everyone would want to be a teacher if their student reacted like this!

12. Protect this cutie pie at all costs, according to BLINKs everywhere.

13. Mandu cheeks, for the win

14. Turning everyone into a puddle of goo since 2016

15. Watch till the end: you won’t regret it!

Jennie’s aegyo game is really strong — especially when she’s trying to be affectionate to her co-members. Check out Jennie’s adorable attempts at getting Lisa‘s attention in the next article below.

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