BLINKs Can Relate To BLACKPINK’s Jennie’s Shy And Adorable Side, Whenever She Tries To Get Lisa’s Attention — And Cutely Fails

Check out the 4 times Jennie failed to get Lisa’s attention — and one time she successfully did it.

Every official BLACKPINK fan knows just how much all the members care for one other.

Jennie, especially, didn’t get her nickname “Jendeukie” for nothing, since it means that she’s “clingy” and affectionate with the members, after all.

Jennie’s affectionate side is especially interesting, since her “cool girl” image is usually a misconception by the people who don’t really get to see her clingy and cute side.

One member who frequently brings out Jennie’s affectionate side is Lisa, who Jennie treats as her close friend…

…or even as her “prom date” sometimes.

Here’s how Jennie acts like when Lisa accidentally ignores here:

See the pout, the knowing smile and the shy blinking of her eyes? This is how she reacts whenever she fails to catch Lisa’s attention.

Jennie’s sheepish smile is also incredibly cute…

…just like the slight shoulder nudge she did to Lisa when Lisa failed to give her the attention she craves once again…

…and the awkward pout she did when Lisa remained oblivious to her charms.

Jennie is actually such a softie at heart — look at her looking at Lisa subtly while proceeding to act cute.

She looked at Lisa right away when Lisa glanced in her direction, but again, unfortunately, it seemed like Lisa was actually looking at someone behind her, not at her.

The final icing on the cake was when Jennie hugged Lisa and waited for a bit for Lisa to give her a kiss on the chin…

…but when she waited for a while and finally realized that Lisa was not able to give her a smack on her cheek, she pouted cutely once again.

Good news, dear readers! Fear not, because this story has a happy ending, actually.

At the very end, Lisa finally managed to give Jennie the attention she rightfully deserves. And so, this charming moment was born:

Jennie and Lisa are actually BFFs who care for one another — just check out these touching moments and see for yourself how much they love showing their care and affection:

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