15+ Moments From BTS Jungkook’s Three “Date Night” Live Broadcasts That Distracted Us All From Working

From flirting with RM to changing outfits three times, this was something special.

Over the last few months, BTS‘s Jungkook has entertained fans during long late-night Weverse streams. On March 14, KST, Jungkook went live a grand total of three times, giving ARMYs plenty of content to enjoy and be distracted by.

Here are 15+ must-see moments from his lives!

1. Starting From The Beginning

Seeing his face when the live first starts is always one of the best moments!

2. His karaoke moments.

You can always expect him to sing during his lives.

3. When he told fans to stop telling him not to drink.

You go, Jungkook!

4. Outfit Changes

Jungkook really made it seem like these lives took place at entirely different times.

5. Agreeing to this fan’s request…

…and calling them honey?

6. Committing To The Cold Concept

An actor!

7. He can be cute.

So, so cute

8. But he can also be sexy.

Very, very sexy.

9. It should be illegal to look this good!

Between the dress shirt and glasses, we are swooning.

10. What do you mean nothing underneath!?

Stop being so flirty!

11. His reaction to someone saying they wanted to “be his whiskey.”

12. When Jimin showed up.

Jungkook’s hyungs always pop into his live streams.

13. Showing off his ARMY tattoo.

14. “Borahae.”

Purple you.

15. He also watched The Glory.

I wonder what he thought of the finale.

16. Saying goodbye

Until next time, JK!