A Twisted “The Glory” Fan Theory Leaves The Cast Shook

They praised the fan for their “brilliant idea.”

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of violence that may disturb some readers.

The cast of Netflix‘s hit revenge drama The Glory took time to read fan theories together. While debunking many of them as impossible, they came across one fan theory that was so twisted they were mind-blown.

One fan theorized that Dong Eun‘s bullies would meet their ends by getting buried in cement. Do Yeong‘s construction company would then use that cement for a unique project.

The company would use the cement to build houses, fulfilling one of Dong Eun’s wishes. Taking it a step further, the fan said that each house would be named after a different bully.

Everyone gasped. Actor Jung Sung Il spoke for them all when saying how “funny but shocking” those events would be.

Jung Sung Il even named the houses so everyone could imagine the theory. Actor Park Sung Hoon admitted, “That’s horrible.

Despite how dark the events were, actors Kim Gun Woo and Park Sung Hoon agreed that the theory would’ve made an amazing show and were impressed by the fan’s creativity.

Kim Gun Woo: It’s a brilliant idea.

Park Sung Hoon: I strongly recommend this person to become a writer. I hope you become as big as writer Kim Eun Sook. How did they come up with that?

Since The Glory covers heavy subject matter, the fan theory is truly powerful if the actors were shocked but impressed.

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