15 Times SEVENTEEN’s Jeonghan Was The Definition Of Duality

His duality is no joke!

We all know SEVENTEEN‘s Jeonghan is incredibly stunning! What is crazy is that with his stunning visuals, Jeonghan can be both angelic and sultry! Here are 15 times Jeonghan was the definition of duality!

1. Precious angel Jeonghan Vs. Sexy Devil Jeonghan

Jeonghan really lives up to his nickname “Angel” in the first photo…

…but in the second, he turns into a sexy devil!

2. That smile is dangerous!

That smile can give anyone a toothache! It’s too sweet…

…but he definitely knows how to add bring on the heat with a seductive lip bite.

3. This is a kind of duality many can relate to

When needed, Jeonghan gives his all and lets out his competitive side…

…but once we’re no longer needed, we all just want to take a nap!

4. The duality is unbelievable!

Okay, there’s no way this innocent face could be anything but innocent…

…but Jeonghan is the king of duality.

5. Same pose, different vibes

Jeonghan can easily turn a cute and normal pose…

| @pledis_17/Twitter

…into the most stunning pose you’ve ever seen.

| @pledis_17/Twitter

6. He’s a ball of sunshine

He may be one of the older hyungs in the group, but this smile is the cutest thing ever!

But his gaze is also strong!

7. Pink Jeonghan

Jeonghan’s soft visuals go great with the pure pink color…

…But, somehow he’s able to make it less pure

8. Jeonghan’s visuals are out of this world

This man is perfect and Carats will never get over his insane beauty! Jeonghan is serious and sultry…

…and of course, and absolute cutie!

9. It’s always that smile that deceives us

By now Carats are aware that Jeonghan’s bright smile…

…can turn into the most sultry expression

10. Blonde Jeonghan is always a crowd favorite!

Blonde Jeonghan really does show off his angelic visuals and personality…

…But he can discard that angel image fast!

11. He can also start off as seductive and then turn on the aegyo.

How does he change from using such a deep and romantic voice to making the most precious smile?!

12. I’m confused how he does this so well

That lip bite turned into amazing aegyo in seconds!

13. GOING SEVENTEEN has too much evidence

SEVENTEEN’s hit show GOING SEVENTEEN has a lot of moments that prove Jeonghan is a sneaky angel!

14. If this meme makes total sense

Jeonghan shines as one of the cutest idols in the industry, but once it’s showtime, he totally brings on the charm!

15. This Tweet is the perfect example of Jeonghan’s duality!

Do you love the left or right version of Jeonghan better? I love both!