These 15+ Photos Of BTS’s Jimin Wearing Glasses Can Wreck Your Life And You’ll Still Thank Him For Doing It

Sure, #1 is sexy. But is it as fatal as #14? Or #20?

BTS‘s Jimin proves once again that he’s an all-around K-pop celebrity…

…he can sing, dance, and make ARMYs fall in love with his gorgeous visuals — especially when he’s rocking a nice pair of glasses to complete his outfit!

Here are 15+ photos of Jimin wearing glasses: be careful, contents of this post may be too hot for you to handle.

1. The sunglasses make his eyes look fierce AF

2. This may be the hottest delivery man alive

3. The hair, the outfit, and his facial expressions are all on point

4. How can he just make “bedroom eyes” while chilling outside?

5. Meet Jimin, your university buddy

6. He sure loves tinted glasses, doesn’t he?

7. You’ll find this picture next to “cozy” in the dictionary

8. Bare-faced Jimin looks sinfully sexy

9. Cuddle weather feels, anyone?

10. His smile says “I know I have power over you”

11. Black sunglasses look perfect with his light hair


12. Such a heartthrob indeed

13. His whole outfit screams “danger” but his pout says “mochi

14. Looking like he just came out of a magazine cover

15. Hey, your classmate Jimin is here to pick you up!

16. Who else thinks he looks like a K-Drama male lead?

17. Flexing this picture of Jimin flexing

18. Looks like he had an “accident” again

19. This just makes you want to shower him with hugs

20. A moment of silence to all ARMYs who left the earth because of this

Now that you’ve seen how Jimin looks like in glasses, maybe you’ll be prepared to see him in a plain white shirt now?

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