15+ Photos That Reveal Exactly How Much MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Has Wonderfully Evolved Over The Years

If you’re an old MooMoo, surely you remember Hwasa’s look for “New York” era?

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa‘s evolution throughout the years is a dramatic one. Her group MAMAMOO did their debut on 2014 with their single, “Mr. Ambiguous” and you can see her cutely using a prop for her fake mustache during that time.

This year, 2020, Hwasa still continues to serve drop-dead gorgeous visuals — and as a result, her confidence has blossomed and her charisma as a celebrity grew tremendously.

How did Hwasa look like starting from her debut, until now? Let’s check out her photos throughout the years.



Debuting in the year 2014, Hwasa showed herself to the public with a slightly “tamer” makeup and light-colored hair that makes her seem like an actual angel.


“Um Oh Ah Yeh”

After a year, the group made a comeback and she proudly wore her hair in a sexier way, with the addition of tiny curls.

This was also when people started to notice Hwasa’s deliciously thicc thighs that look absolutely perfect on her.


“Taller Than You”

Their concept for this single was funny and a “parody” of rap, so all the girls dialed down their sexiness with their costumes. Hwasa’s fierce eyes were there to stay, of course.

“You’re the Best”

This is a perfect look for Hwasa — her orange hair complements her sexy, piercing eyes and her beautifully chiseled face.

“New York”

Since it was the same year, Hwasa looked the same, except she opted to turn her hair color back to black in order to take care of it during promotions.


Once her hair has relaxed for a while, Hwasa decided to color it blue. She looked like a beautiful mermaid who would serenade sailors — her beauty shined radiantly in this concept.


“Yes I Am”

Hwasa grew her hair, resulting to beautiful, long locks that give her an image of a mystical songstress.


“Starry Night”

Hwasa maintained this hair during this comeback, but her visuals still got an upgrade because she seems like she blossoms beautifully every time the group takes a break before releasing a new single.

Performance during MAMA 2018

Who could ever forget this iconic performance? Hwasa trended all over Korea because of this look and her astounding performance during this event.




As years passed by, you can see that this look has been Hwasa’s signature look for several months.


Of course, her fierce eyes and powerful makeup stayed the same.


During MAMAMOO’s promotions for “HIP”, Hwasa went with a shorter, “wet hair” look, complete with a sexy shade of dark red lipstick to accentuate her femininity.

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