These 15 Rare Moments Of BTS’s J-Hope Showing Off His Serious Side Will Take Your Breath Away

#8 can only be seen in BTS’s behind-the-scene videos.

Since BTS‘s J-Hope usually has a bright and lighthearted image in the K-pop industry…

…he’s also responsible as the mood-maker of the group every time they have interviews and reality shows.

And while his ever-smiling face and adorable antics do well in making the hearts of millions of ARMYs flutter…

…it definitely hits different when J-Hope switches off his cute side and switches on his serious side instead.

ARMYs couldn’t get over how attractive he looks like when he’s on serious mode:

And so, as a special treat, here are 15 moments when J-Hope showed off his serious side. Warning: if you’re a J-Hope stan, you may feel unfairly attacked, so…

…you’re welcome!

1. His sharp jawline + serious side = 100% goodness

2. Try-not-to-blush-while-looking-at-him challenge

3. You never stood a chance against this attack

4. His serious side comes out, too…

…whenever he feels scared about something.

5. Dance teacher J-Hope studying your moves

6. Reflecting on his answer during an interview

7. J-Hope at his natural element

8. The audacity of this man…

…to have this duality.

9. He’s so serious every time he monitors their performances

10. Or when he’s receiving constructive criticism, too

11. If you listen closely, you can hear ARMYs collectively losing their breaths

12. Serious J-Hope showing off his side profile attacking you again

13. Deep in thought

14. He really takes his craft seriously

15. And it shows, doesn’t it?

It’s also refreshing to see whenever J-Hope feels comfortable to show his emotions on camera. Check out the article below and watch him relate to a grandma’s pain by crying with her:

BTS’s J-Hope Cried Because Of An Old Woman’s Heartbreaking Problem — And What BTS Did To Help Her Will Melt Your Heart