BTS’s J-Hope Cried Because Of An Old Woman’s Heartbreaking Problem — And What BTS Did To Help Her Will Melt Your Heart

Even when they weren’t global superstars back then, BTS always gave a helping hand to people in need.

ARMYs love the fact that the boys of BTS aren’t afraid to show their true feelings and express them properly.

BTS members are so in tune with their emotions, so when they’re extremely overjoyed, they show it off by jumping around, laughing openly and being thankful for their blessings.

They show affection by hugging and showing physical displays of affection to each other.

And these amazing men cry when they feel the need to — there’s no place for toxic masculinity here. Take BTS’s J-Hope, for example. J-Hope is an emotional man and he’s proud of it.

He’s hyper when he’s overjoyed, and he sheds tears when he’s sad: no faking it or “holding your emotions inside because you’re a true man” concepts here.

When he’s feeling something, it really shows on his face — this is why during one of BTS’s past shows when they “delivered hope” to grandmothers in need…

…and one grandmother shared that during winter, she can’t really get warm because she needs to spend money she doesn’t have…

…and she started crying…

…J-Hope couldn’t help but shed his tears and feel the grandmother’s pain, as well.

And BTS didn’t just stop at sharing the grandmother’s pain — they actually made an effort to help her live in a much better environment.

First, Jin and Suga, together with J-Hope, cleaned her whole house to prepare it for the insulating wallpaper.

After cleaning her wall, the members carefully applied the insulation wallpaper so that it could help her keep warm for cold winter days.

BTS members were also assisted by staff who delivered basic supplies to the grandmothers in the vicinity.

After everything has been set up, Suga, Jin and J-Hope assisted the adorable grandmother to check out her house.

And when she saw that her wallpaper has been improved with insulation capacities…

…she mentioned that she’s really satisfied with what BTS has done to help her.

Reading all about this emotional encounter is enough to make you shed a few tears, doesn’t it?

Perhaps the reason why BTS members are close with each other is because they’ve been with each other despite multiple hardships. After all, it’s intense moments like this that help you form a bond, right?

This may be the reason why Suga couldn’t believe what J-Hope said about him when he was asked about their friendship — check out the next article below to find out!

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