15+ Relatable Reactions To Red Velvet-Irene&Seulgi’s Debut MV For “Monster” Finally Dropping

Reveluvs have been FED with those visuals!

Red Velvet‘s first unit consisting of Irene and Seulgi, have finally made their debut!

After hours of waiting and finally being given a new time and date, fans were super excited when the MV finally dropped! Fans immediately began trending the hashtag #WatchMonsterNow, and it soon reached to the top of Twitter’s world trends!

So, here are 15+ relatable reactions to Red Velvet- Irene&Seulgi‘s debut MV for “Monster”!

1. They came for us HARD


2. Queen things ONLY


3. Let the fan theories begin!


4. SeulRene? Winning

Song? A BOP

MV? God-tier

Reveluvs? deCEASED


5. Seulgi QUEEN


6. Big mood.


7. We stan professionals only


8. They’re here to deliver!


9. They really came through with those receipts


10. Facts


11. Same…same


12. Current mood:


13. Seulgi is THAT b*tch


14. Where is the lie tho


15. The best idea


16. It will destroy us


17. Reveluvs love their girls so much they made a cameo in the MV


Red Velvet- Irene&Seulgi made their debut as the first unit of the group on July 7, 2020 with mini-album and title track “Monster”.

Watch the MV here to celebrate their debut!

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