15 Relatable Reactions To Irene & Seulgi’s Delayed “Monster” MV Release

These ReVeluvs are ready to throw hands.

Red Velvet fans have been patiently waiting for Irene & Seulgi‘s “Monster” MV, but SM Entertainment said, “Psych!” not once, but twice. These ReVeluvs are ready to throw hands, but who can blame them?

1. *screams internally*

2. CEO Yeri

3. If they won’t bring the MV to you, you bring yourself to the MV

4. The 5 Stages

5. The “real” reason why NCT’s Jaehyun deactivated his Instagram account

6. Is my clock broken, or…?

7. Show me the “Monster”!

8. “First time?” – Girls’ Generation fans

9. Current mood:

10. Time to get the clown makeup out again

11. You are what you listen to?

12. The silver lining

13. Oops…

14. This stress reliever

15. Welcome to Seulrenetopia

. . .