Fans Furious After Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi’s Subunit Debut Is Delayed… AGAIN

Irene & Seulgi’s “Monster” is facing it’s second delay on the day of release.

ReVeluvs were hit with disappointment when SM Entertainment first announced that the Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi subunit debut had been delayed from mid-June to early July. Now, on the day of release, tensions are high as the subunit faces yet another delay.

The music video for “Monster”, the first single by Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi, was due to release on 6PM Korean Standard Time on July 6.

One hour prior, Irene and Seulgi hosted a live broadcast sharing their enthusiasm with fans, and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. In fact, the members were encouraged to wrap up the stream quickly in time for the song’s release.

However, when 6PM hit, the music video was nowhere to be found on YouTube. At first, fans assumed that SM Entertainment was just a few minutes late, but as time went by, tensions rose.

Within 20 minutes, “WHERE’S THE MV” was trending worldwide on Twitter at #15, with “#monsterIShere” at #1 and “#RedVelvet_IRENE_SEULGI” at #3.

The album was released on music streaming platforms, including MelOn and Spotify, at the correct time, leading fans to wonder what could be behind the music video delay.

When the Red Velvet unit’s debut was delayed for the first time, fans speculated that there may have been a problem with the music video footage. The same happened to labelmates Girls’ Generation in 2014, when the group’s music video editor accidentally corrupted part of their footage for “Mr. Mr.”

Finally, after some time, keen witted fans found an update on SM Entertainment’s website listing the “Monster” music video release as 8PM Korean Standard Time—two hours after it was supposed to drop.

Unsurprisingly, ReVeluvs are frustrated with SM Entertainment. In particular, many are confused about why the company didn’t post a social media update on the delay.

Others allege that the company is sabotaging the group’s debut and point to a long history of mismanagement.

Update: As of 8PM KST on July 6, the “Monster” music video is still yet to be released. SM Entertainment has since updated its website removing the release time completely.

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