Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi’s Delayed “Monster” Music Video Finally Has A New Release Date & Time

The “Monster” music video was delayed on release day with no announcement from SM Entertainment.

After a series of delays, including an unannounced hold up on release day, SM Entertainment has finally announced when Red Velvet – Irene & Seulgi‘s debut music video will allegedly drop on YouTube.

Much to the dismay of ReVeluvs, the debut of Red Velvet’s first subunit with Irene & Seulgi has been hit with multiple delays. First, just days after announcing the unit would debut on June 15, SM Entertainment announced that the release had been postponed to early July.

Both the album and the music video for title track “Monster” were set to drop on July 6 at 6:00PM Korean Standard Time. However, when the clock struck, only the album was released.

Worse, SM Entertainment made no announcement about the music video’s delay, inciting frustration and anger among fans who had eagerly awaited the release.

Now, six hours after the latest delay, the company has finally issued a statement: the “Monster” music video will be released on YouTube at 12:00PM (noon) Korean Standard Time on July 7.

Speculations regarding the delay of the music video range from ongoing CGI rendering to issues with broadcasting standards. However, SM Entertainment has given no official reason for the postponement.

Please excuse the inconvenience caused by the delay, and thank you for your understanding and support.

— SM Entertainment

ReVeluvs are currently sitting tight in hopes that the music video will not be delayed again unexpectedly.

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