15 Most Relatable Reactions To TVXQ’s Changmin’s Upcoming Marriage This September

#7 is a burn for all the haters — make sure to apply ice, okay? 🙂

Following the news of TVXQ‘s Changmin announcing his upcoming marriage to his girlfriend on September 5, netizens couldn’t help but post their reactions on social media platform Twitter.

Here are 15 of the most relatable reactions to Changmin’s marriage to his non-celebrity girlfriend — and it’s a great thing that all of these are positive. Congratulations to the couple!

1. Normalize idol’s relationships

2. They wouldn’t miss it for the world!

3. This may be Changmin’s biggest “dating scandal”

4. He does it with pride, as he should

5. The irony doesn’t cease to amaze us

6. Do it for your hyung

7. Yes, this is really possible, right?

8. Both idols cared enough to let their fans know about their personal lives

9. Happiness over Changmin’s announcement is a truly welcome reaction

10. Siwon, you’re the MVP!

11. He’s a full-grown adult, after all

12. Such a proud BFF

13. You did well, Changmin

14. Fans worldwide appreciated his gesture

15. We’re all rooting for you, Minho!

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