EXO’s Chen Just Did A Huge Flex In Public, And Fans Couldn’t Be Happier For Him — Here Are Receipts

Yes, Chen really did these two things that ruffled the feathers of antis everywhere.

Ever since news of EXO‘s Chen‘s romantic relationship came out, anti-fans of the K-Pop idol have been aggressive in forcing him out of the group, even going as far as organizing protests to “kick him out” of EXO.

Thankfully, all of their efforts have not born fruit, because Chen still remains to be one of EXO’s most cherished members.

EXO-L have been worried about Chen’s health, since news of the bullying came out, so when Chen was spotted this week in support of his fellow EXO member Baekhyun‘s solo promotions…

…they couldn’t be happier for him! As a result, Chen’s real name, Jongdae, trended in several locations worldwide…

…and fans celebrated Chen’s two huge “flexes” in public: first is bravely supporting Baekhyun and even going to the stage to celebrate “Candy”‘s win (can you spot him below?)…

…and the second is proudly wearing his wedding ring amidst everything that has happened. Here are 10+ of the most adorable tweets supporting Chen — get ready to feel proud of him, too!

1. Baekhyun’s dressing room must have had an adventure

2. Fans love to protect his precious smile

3. Comeback news? Not really

4. #friendshipgoals

5. It’s supposed to be worn, after all

6. He’s not singing any songs, but he’s definitely trending

7. Chen showing half his face on camera

8. When words aren’t enough, say it with actions instead

9. Fans miss him a lot

10. Some people are really fond of negativity, aren’t they?

11. Chen is still a well-loved K-Pop idol

12. If this offends you…ask yourself, “why?!”

13. Haters, beware: this tweet may burn you

Chen went out in support of Baekhyun — but he’s not the only one who did! Check out the next article below for more details about how other EXO members showed their love for Baekhyun.

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