These 15 Impressive SEVENTEEN Tattoos From Dedicated Carats Will Have You Desperate To Get Inked

These fans will truly be Carats forever.

The best tattoo designs are ones that hold special meaning to the wearer. For dedicated Carats, those designs are based on all things SEVENTEEN. Once you see these 15 impressive tattoos that fans inked themselves with, you’ll find yourself seriously considering getting one yourself.


This classic SEVENTEEN logo tattoo in the group’s official colors, rose quartz and serenity.

Credit: @kenlyziin on Instagram


These incredible tattoo recreations of both versions of SEVENTEEN’s lightstick, also known as the “Caratbong”.

Credit: @ciaraglagola on Instagram


This tattoo of Hoshi‘s handwriting from the Ode To You world tour polaroid.

Credit: @ciaraglagola on Instagram


This tattoo of a sunflower with three rings representing each SEVENTEEN unit: blue for the hip hop unit, pink for the vocal unit, and turquoise for the performance unit.

Credit: @dearjoshua95 on Twitter


This line art tattoo inspired by SEVENTEEN’s song “Don’t Wanna Cry”.

Credit: ciudad-bateria on Tumblr


This triple-layered SEVENTEEN logo tattoo, complete with impressive gradient.

Credit: @formoftherapy on Twitter


This pinwheel tattoo inspired by SEVENTEEN’s song “Pinwheel”.

Credit: @xuniuxcvii on Twitter


This edgy paint splatter version of SEVENTEEN’s logo.

Credit: @AmariLee9 on Twitter


This minimalist version of SEVENTEEN’s logo that’s reminiscent of a heartbeat monitor.

Credit: @little.wildone on Instagram


This impressive rose quartz and serenity illustration based on the Star Wand from Cardcaptor Sakura, including lyrics from SEVENTEEN’s song “Shining Diamond”.

Credit: @croptopscoups on Twitter


This Carat must be Hoshi-biased, since Hoshi earned the nickname “10:10” because the angle of his eyes look like the same time on a clock.

Credit: @theliteraltrashcan on Instagram


This cute and colorful tattoo is based on SEVENTEEN’s 5th mini album, You Make My Day.

Credit: @emonthxmoon on Instagram


This pretty gradient tattoo of SEVENTEEN’s logo.

Credit: hꪮ᥉hthꫀgꪮᥲt 𓃚 hᥲᖯꪮhꪮᥣเᥴ on Carat Animo


This tattoo incorporates several elements of SEVENTEEN. The gradient logo is the main feature, while lyrics from the group’s song “Home” sit on top. The numbers on the bottom represent 13 members, 3 units, and 1 team.

Credit: @YungFlxerDenise in Twitter


This tattoo is based on an otter at Chester Zoo in England who was named after Dino.

Credit: @luluniverse on Twitter