15 Sexiest BLACKPINK Lisa Moments That Will Leave You Feeling Flushed

#7 though 😳

As BLACKPINK‘s main dancer, Lisa has given fans many mini heart attacks with her sexiness. There’s just something about her every performance that ropes BLINKs in.

Without further ado, check out some of her most seductive moments below!

1. When she released her most recent dance video

2. When she did this wave

3. When she danced the “Swalla” key point

4. When she slowly rose up

5. When she slowly went down

6. When she made this expression

7. When she worked this leg move

8. When she worked her hips

9. When she killed it in “Kill This Love”

10. When she was 100% confident

11. When she caressed the camera with her eyes

12. When she pierced our souls with her stare

13. When she twerked it on stage

14. When she did this move

15. And finally, this one:

Lisa definitely knows how to make BLINKs flush!