15 Of The Most Hilarious Shawol Memes And Reactions To SHINee Taemin’s Late Military Update

Taemin, come home.

It’s already been a whopping two weeks since SHINee‘s Taemin has left for the military, and Shawols are already ready to have him back. It was revealed that Taemin’s first photo would be posted at a certain time on the military camp’s website. However, fans were surprised to see that the photo was quite a few hours late!

Although the photo was finally posted, Shawol’s reactions to the photo being late were absolutely hilarious!

1. Serve us well, Kkoongie.

2. We all need a good cry circle right about now.

3. Don’t mind me.

4. You know, it do be like that sometimes…

5. The camp’s about to have some problems…

6. The excitement is real.

7. Perhaps we have high expectations…

8. Gotta get the ‘fit ready.

9. Accepting our fate…

10. This is just cruel.

11. Sometimes, we have to take matters into our own hands.

12. To be fair, he’s still pretty cute.

13. We were desperate 😭

14. Sometimes, we have to get creative…

15. Get him out of there!