15 Of The Softest And Purest V And Jungkook “VKook” Moments To Make Your Heart Flutter Today

V couldn’t stop giggling when Jungkook did #14 to him.

ARMYs know that the friendship between BTS‘s and Jungkook is one of the most adorable things ever to exist in this planet.

Since the two have opposite personalities, with V being an extrovert who loves to recharge by being with people…

…and Jungkook being an introvert who prefers to hang out by himself so he can recharge and gain energy again before being with other people…

…it’s so cute how they interact and bring out the best in each other.


Check out these 15 softest moments between the two and get ready to make your day a little bit brighter today:

1. Do unto others…

…what you want others to do unto you.

2. Friends feel comfortable to show derp faces to each other

3. Couple shot for the two close friends

4. Hey, can you share that lip balm with every ARMY, too?

5. Pouty princes

6. Jungkook likes it when V cuddles with him

7. Aegyo overload

8. Are you really friends if you don’t have your own secret handshake?

9. “Some things…🎶

10. …never change…🎶

11. …like I’m holding on tight to you…”🎶

12. A true friend gives you a shoulder to cry on

13. Hi, backpack, where are you guys off to today?

14. This moment has blessed millions of ARMYs worldwide

15. Did your heart take this list well, or is it full of flutter right now?

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