15 Pieces of Surprising K-Pop Idol Trivia You Probably Didn’t Know

These bits of information about some popular K-Pop idols might surprise you.

1. Jinsoul (LOOΠΔ) often sleeps with her eyes open.

Fellow member Kim Lip confirmed this, saying: “I didn’t know when Jinsoul was a trainee, but as we’ve lived together I’ve noticed her sleeping with her eyes open. I thought it was only in the car because it’s quite uncomfortable, but she often sleeps with her eyes open.”


2. Yura (Girl’s Day) has her legs insured for approximately $448,000.

Yura revealed on KBS‘s Escape Crisis Number 1 in 2015 that her legs are insured for 500,000,000 won (about US$448,000), at her agency’s boss’s suggestion, because she’s a dancer and her legs have zero wounds or scars.


3. Yoseob‘s (Highlight) parents were called to school when he exposed that his teacher was really wearing a wig.


4. Rowoon (SF9) won a prize at a plant name memorization contest during elementary school. He memorized the name of more than 400 species of plants.


5. Taemin (SHINee) ate ants and crayons as a child

He admitted on a live broadcast that he ate ants and crayons as a child – and later bonded with rapper BewhY about their mutual habit.


6. Minah (Girl’s Day) failed her regular driving license test but she holds an excavator operator license.

She failed for crossing the starting line and having too many points against her during the driving test, but she holds a fork operating licence!


7. Soyeon [(G)i-DLE] can fit her fist into her mouth

The feat impressed Pentagon members and hosts of Idol Room alike.


8. Jisung and Chenle (NCT) had performances at the same Chinese show in 2013 and took a photo together several years before Chenle even became an SM Entertainment trainee.


Park Jisung and Zhong Chenle are so close that despite the one year age gap Chenle doesn’t address Jisung as “hyung” (plus, their birthdays are very near each other) – but it turns out they actually met years before they were SM Entertainment trainees.


9. Baekho‘s (NU’EST) stage name was given to him by After School‘s UEE.


Baekho, who’s real name is Kang Dong Ho, revealed on SBS Power FM‘s Cultwo Show that UEE gave him the stage name based on a comic book.

“UEE noona made the name up for me during her promotions in After School. I believe she liked the manga Slam Dunk, and named me after Baekho from Slam Dunk.” — Baekho


10. Ilhoon (BTOB) is credited with “creating” the gwiyomi song (“cute song”) because he did it first, but he always said he learned it from a Cube Entertainment trainee, and it was recently revealed that the trainee is CLC‘s Yujin.


Yujin revealed this fact at CLC’s anniversary fanmeet when a fan asked her to aegyo. When she suggested gwiyomi, Yujin said she taught it to Ilhoon!


11. Key (SHINee) ranked 1st nationally for water skiing (wakeboarding category) for two years in a row (2006-2007) before he debuted with SHINee.

He showed off his talents while relaxing Minho in Key’s Knowhow in 2015.


12. Solji (EXID) might have a form of Congenital Mirror Movement Disorder, when an intentional movement on one side of the body is mirrored by an involuntary movement on the other side.


It’s completely unintentional but very cute (it’s speculated that EXO‘s Xiumin also has it).


And can lead to reflexive movements, like throwing the mic!


13. Ten (NCT) is scared of fruit.


He’s mentioned a few times that “fruits are scary” without much explanation, but when a fan asked him why he hated fruits he blamed the texture inside.

“I saw Ten in person and I said I heard he doesn’t like fruit and he replied that he hates the inside of fruit. I asked which kind of fruit scent he likes the most and he said blueberry.”


14. Sunwoo (Boy’s Republic) can push his tongue past his soft palate and touch his nose bone.

It freaked everyone out on Weekly Idol.


15. Yura (Girl’s Day) assigns certain tastes to colors (it may have something to do with synesthesia).


She said she was a picky eater and that she can’t eat foods that taste like the color black, like oysters, and green, such as clams.