15 Tweets That Prove ATEEZ’s Seonghwa Belongs In Their Demon Line

ATEEZ’s demon line is no joke.

It’s already been proven that Hongjoong belongs in ATEEZ‘s notorious demon line, and now it’s Seonghwa‘s turn. While he can be totally innocent, cute, and harmless off-stage, when he’s in performance mode, it’s like he becomes a completely different person! Here are 15 tweets that are basically confirmation that the vocalist belongs in this infamous group of members.

1. His stare is ridiculously intense

2. Even though he doesn’t need makeup to pull it off, it does add to the effect

3. Just. Wow.

4. Seriously, that has to be the only explanation…

5. That poor innocent bubble

6. Just Seonghwa in his natural element

7. The duality is insane

8. Some very appropriate (and awesome!) fan art

9. Someone get this boy an exorcism

10. … Okay this is just kind of hilarious

11. How does his body move like that??

12. Possession in process

13. This look is unreal

14. How can you not love him, though?

15. Together, these two are basically unstoppable