15 Times ATEEZ’s San Proved You Don’t Need A Dance Background To Be An Amazing Performer

He didn’t have any training before getting recruited, and just look at him now

Rookie group ATEEZ has been making waves since their debut, stunning fans and non-fans alike with their incredible performance skills as such a young K-Pop group. All of the members are talented in their own unique ways! Today, however, the attention is on San, who went from having no dance training prior to becoming a trainee with KQ Entertainment to being frequently mistaken as being part of the dance line in the group. He’s known to be unbelievably fluid, hard-hitting, and energetic during stages, and for good reason! Here are 15 times that San showed just how much progress he’s made since his trainee days.

1. The fact that dance queen Lia Kim herself praised San’s skills

2. His insane jump and break combo he performed flawlessly in “Wonderland”

3. His incredible facials that he has while performing

4. When he performed BTS’s “Fake Love” with barely any dance training

5. The fact that he looks so good even dressed as an old man while dancing

6. Looking like he’s going to break his body every time he performs with how intense he dances

7. Seriously, this is insane!

8. When he was nominated for promoting art culture just for his insane dance and performance skills

9. When he looked so effortlessly cool just improvising on his own

10. His sexy dance skills are on point

11. The fact that people are constantly shocked he’s not actually in the dance line

12. This insane sequence he pulled off effortlessly

13. Like Hongjoong, he’s also part of the “demon line” due to how possessed he seems on stage, in the best way possible

14. This whole compilation says everything

15. In short, stan Choi San because he’s worked so hard to make so much progress and it’s really paid off