15 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Proved She’s An Airport Fashion Icon

Simply gorgeous.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé arguably has some of the best airport outfits in K-Pop. From sporty to chic, office-type to glamorous, she’s got her style down perfectly. Rosé always manages to dress to her body type and amplify her visuals.

Check out some of her best airport fashion looks below!

1. In a tweed jacket over a white blouse

2. In THIS superior look

3. In a dainty floral dress

4. In a Balenciaga jacket

5. In a cropped top striped blouse

6. In a simple tank top

7. In a bulky green sweater

8. In a soft grey sweater

9. In a “my bag is the highlight, look at it” attire

10. In a plaid turtleneck scarf

11. In a blue jacket as long as her shorts

12. In a brown bodycon dress

13. In a barcode-like t-shirt

14. In a red off-shoulder top

15. And finally, in a dainty little white dress

Each look is iconic!