15 Times BLACKPINK’s Rosé Showed Off Her Impossibly Tiny Waist

#11 is just stunning.

BLACKPINK‘s Rosé is known for her incredible visuals. Besides her gorgeous face, she’s also popular for her incredibly small waist. Measuring at just 24 inches, she gives off the illusion of having an even tinier waist than she does.

Rosé can make every single outfit work with confidence. Check out some of her best ant’s waist photos below!

1. In a pink mesh top

2. In frills and white shorts

3. In frills and a white skirt

4. In a stunning back view

5. In cherries and bright red

6. In a tiny black top

7. In this angelic get-up

8. In her Guess photoshoot

9. In a sparkling top and skirt

10. In a waist-accentuating belt

11. In a slim-fitting dress

12. In an all-green Sprite event

13. In a close-up performance outfit

14. In a long sleeve bodycon

15. And finally, in a hot selca

BLACKPINK’s Rosé, everyone!