15 Times BTS Had The Most Adorable Interactions With Dogs

It will melt your heart ❤️

It’s no secret the BTS members are fond of dogs. In fact, V is famous for being the proud owner of the sweetest Pomeranian whom ARMYs like to call the “eighth member”.

V isn’t the only one, however, who loves dogs and treats them like children. Here are 15 cute gifs of the BTS members interacting with them.

1. When RM was caught off guard

2. When Jungkook was almost eaten alive

3. When V was wrapped around this fluff of a puppy dog

4. When Jin tried to take a selfie with an equally visualistic furiend

5. When Jimin wasn’t having it

6. When J-Hope massaged the puppy’s lil’ legs

7. When the first rejection didn’t stop V

8. When Jungkook rubbed the dog’s fluffy fur

9. When V gave the puppy the shock of its life

10. When Jimin leaned in for a kiss

11. When V bit the dog’s fur

12. When RM extended his hand

13. When the puppy was completely smitten by Jungkook

14. When Jimin and this puppy battled for “The Cutest” award

15. And when V did the same thing with his dog-twin

Bonus: When Suga played with a toy puppy

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