BTS’s 8th Member, Yeontan, Is All Grown Up Now

BTS just posted not one but THREE clips of Yeontan!

ARMYs, do you remember that day V first introduced us to Yeontan, his beloved furry child?

The little fluffball was so tiny he could easily fit into the palm of V’s hand. Any ARMY would tell you he is definitely one of the most adorable puppies they had ever seen.

But that was years ago. Now…he’s not so little anymore.

Earlier today, the official BTS Twitter account treated fans to not just one but three clips of Yeontan looking all grown up and majestic.

In the first clip, Yeontan can be seen stopped at the threshold as V asks him what he’s going to do.

The second clip shows Yeontan walking alongside V, at one point even looking up to smile at his favorite human.

ARMYs were quick to make a then vs. now comparison of Yeontan’s size. He’s now double, if not triple, the size he was before!

In the third and final clip, music can be heard playing in the background as Yeontan sits on the ground and licks his paw.

Soon after posting the videos, “Tannie” and “Yeontan” trended worldwide. His popularity can rival BTS themselves!

And we couldn’t be happier. Any dog that looks at V with that much love deserves it.

They really make the most adorable duo!