15 Times BTS’s Jungkook Looked At ARMYs Like They Were His One True Love

He’s a Boy In Luv.

BTS loves their fans no matter where they are or when they entered the fandom. Besides being vocal about this fact, their expressions often say it for themselves. A relationship full of trust and love, BTS and ARMYs have it.

Here are several times Jungkook in particular looked at fans like he truly loved them. Check them out below!

1. Always happy to see his fans

2. He’s practically glowing

3. His excitement is off the charts

4. It can become sentimental at times

5. His eyes are full of emotion

6. He’s a Boy In Luv™

7. Sometimes the feeling overflows…

8. But he knows it’s because of gratitude

9. Jungkook loves his fans

10. Sometimes he’s happy just to stare at them

11. Lucky ARMYs get his attention in concerts

12. But he’s thankful to every single one of them

13. So thankful, he sometimes tears up

14. He’s full of wide-eye wonder

15. Jungkook loves ARMYs, and they love him back

Source: Twitter