BTS Jin’s Love For ARMY Shines Once Again Through Recent Live Stream

Jin’s one and only true love is ARMY.

On March 7 KST, BTS gathered together to hold a live stream two days before Suga‘s birthday. They mentioned that oldest member Jin organized this live stream because he felt that they weren’t able to communicate with ARMYs throughout this comeback.

Jin wore a bright blue sweater during this live stream and it caught the attention of some fans. It was later revealed on a Jin Fan Club Twitter account that the sweater he was wearing was a present from a fan for his birthday three years ago.

“Wow…this is a sweater that was sent to him for his birthday three years ago. It was sent by a fan. If he wore something that I sent I would understand but wearing something a fan sent him is so touching to see. I hope that fans is seeing this from somewhere!”

Fans were touched by Jin’s thoughtfulness in wearing a fans’ present during a live stream.

“Jin really loves ARMY. He has such a thoughtful heart.”

“Thanks to the fan and Sensation I am able to know just how thoughtful Jin is.”

“Jin’s love for his fans are on another level. He is such a great person.”

This is not the first time Jin has shown love and gratitude towards his fans.

The boys still used shot glasses that were made by a fan and given to Jin back in 2017.

Jin can be seen wearing and using many presents from fans during broadcasts, including sunglasses, pilllows, and clothes.

Watch the full live stream below.

Although he may be a worldwide artist, he never forgets where he came from and thanks fans for all that they do.


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