15 Times BTS’s Jungkook Said “F*** It!” And Showed Us His Dangerously Sexy Moves On Stage

All of these are incredibly sexy, but wait till you get to #15.

ARMYs know that all the members of BTS are attractive and sexy in their own way, but they have a special spot for the group’s maknaeJungkook.

Visually speaking, Jungkook’s sharp side profile and gorgeous jawline are definitely appealing to their fans.

ARMYs are also in love with Jungkook’s tattoos, especially when he felt comfortable enough to show them off in BTS’s official Twitter account.

But his appeal doesn’t just stop there — when you talk about his performances, Jungkook’s definitely sexy when he’s performing onstage, too.

Here are 15 times when Jungkook said “f*** it!” to his introverted nature and set the stage on fire by showing us his sexy moves while performing.

1. Starting off strong with his “abs-revealing move”

2. That body roll was smooth AF

3. Well, that escalated quickly!

4. Giving Shakira a run for her money since 2013

5. Sweet and sexy at the same time

6. Just in case you forgot, yes, he has abs 

7. It’s mesmerizing to watch him, especially with that sparkly blazer that catches your eye

8. You’ll never ever be ready for sweaty, wet-haired Jungkook with a sharp jawline

9. It’s subtle, but wait till the end

10. This boy can twerk

11. Wait, Jungkook’s tongue and Suga’s intense glare? You’re welcome!

12. Are you even reading this caption, or did you just replay this several times to see if he actually made contact?

13. In his element

14. If you thought this was super sexy…

15. …then this may change your mind

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