15 Times BTS’s Suga Was Hilariously Sassy

#4 is iconic 😂

BTS‘s Suga is well-loved for his cool, straight to the point personality. Whether he’s judging another member or openly expressing his disgust, he never fails to amuse fans! Read on to see 15 times Suga made ARMYs laugh by being sassy.

1. When his disgust was clear as day

2. When he fixed his luscious hair

3. When he restated a fact

4. When he introduced himself

5. When he couldn’t believe his eyes

6. When he talked economics

7. When he looked repulsed

8. When he had the funniest expression

9. When he judged the other members

10. When he had $85 in his credit card

11. When he talked about their lost abs

12. When his jaw dropped

13. When he was too good for the camera

14. When he licked his finger

15. When even his sitting position was sassy