15 Times Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Had The Best Off-Screen Chemistry

They’re the dream team.

Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin don’t just play the lead roles in Netflix‘s Crash Landing On You, they’re also good friends in real life.

Having worked together before, they’re comfortable in each other’s presence. Whether it’s behind the scene footage, actual drama events, or promotional periods, they look absolutely adorable.

Check out some examples below!

1. When he gave up his spot

Hyun Bin makes sure Son Ye Jin always gets the better spot in front of the cameras.

2. When the attention made him shy

He hid his face when Ye Jin kept clapping for him.

3. When they took the cutest selcas

They both have glass skin!

4. When selcas were their thing

Look at those smiles.

5. When Hyun Bin took care of her

He gave up his spot and carefully slid her beside him.

6. When they held up rice cakes together

Totally random, but still totally cute.

7. When they had fun with filters

The masks are slightly scary but they’re still cute so 🤷

8. When he couldn’t stop looking at her

He listens closely to every word she says.

9. When her smile gets him going

Did you see that grin at the end?

10. When they wore matching black blazers

A couple (of friends) that matches together, stays together.

11. When they couldn’t help but laugh

Whatever was said at that moment, it made them burst out in joy.

12. When he helped her sit down

Hyun Bin made sure to keep her steady when she wore high heels on stage.

13. When she scolded him

The actress grabbed his jacket in punishment for getting his timing wrong.

14. When they got shy

The hospital scene in Crash Landing On You made them playfully shy together!

15. When they interacted (every single time)

Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin prove that they’re one of Korea’s top actors with their undeniable chemistry.

Do you agree?